Deep Kinetic

Crackle body mousse, with a very smooth and rapid effect, to reduce the subcutaneous fat and working on cellulite appearance . The mousse active ingredients penetrate deeply and are effective for 12 hours. The innovative nanosphere technology allows a fast penetration into the skin cells and guarantees a deeper activity in the fat reduction


- Nanospheres technology :  to deliver nutrients into the skin cells. The cream works 12 hours without treatment.

- Caffeine :  for fat breakdown

- Theophylline :  for  fat reduction and as antioxidant


The skin becomes immediately smoother and the lotion goes into the subcutaneous fat layers and starts to actively work on the fat reduction up to 12 hours. The cellulite appearance reduces noticeably in 2 weeks by a daily use (even more cleary when used wih Pink Angel)

3,500 Bht




Shake the bottle upside down for 20 times to set the mousse. Keep the bottle inverted and spray firmly in the area.
he foam reacts quickly when pressing the palm over it. Spread and let it absorb. For everyday use.